Our Story

Starting in college we got bit by the real estate bug and it hasn’t left us since.

Investing in rental properties, mini-storage, and commercial office buildings on a small scale. But, one big passion that has grown for us over the years is learning how to leverage technology to help us do things easier, more quickly, and get better results.

Building our first real estate website back in 2003 that began to generate free motivated seller leads online within weeks of it going live… since then we’ve refined our marketing systems, website platforms, and overall strategy on what it takes to drive leads online in multiple different industries… and brought in over 84,000 real estate related leads online in the past 5 years alone.

We Love Marketing, Technology, And Helping Entrepreneurs

Real estate was our roots… but marketing, technology, and entrepreneurship are our passion. We decided to take that passion, experience, and knowledge and create the best website system for real estate investors that does the important things… and none of the fluff.

If you’re looking to finally have a real estate investor website that gets search engine rankings and drives you free seller and buyer leads… to be able to take FULL CONTROL of your site from start to finish so your brand is unique to your target market and does not feel like just another template website… to generate leads the RIGHT way… and be easy for you to run yourself… you’re looking at the right place.

Our Mission

“Add humanity to business and help people regain time for the things that matter.”

Our Core Values

  1. Have Fun and Be Different
  2. Always Genuinely Care
  3. Be A Beacon of Positivity and Possibility
  4. Consistent Improvement and Innovation
  5. Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open Minded
  6. Transparency
  7. Deliver WOW Through Great Service
  8. Gratitude for Everything
  9. Consistent and Predictable Financial Growth

The InvestorCarrot Advantage

As you know there’s no shortage of real estate investor website templates on the market. Prices range from $1,500 upfront and $100/mo… to the low end of $10/mo. But we felt there was a gap and real estate investors haven’t been served with what they truly need.

Where all of those other systems make up for cool features like deal analyzers and other fancy doodads… most of them lack in the important things. After all, all of those fancy features aren’t worth much if you can’t get consistent traffic to your site, build credibility from your site when they get there, and convert them to customers from there. Many of those systems are great… but most investors just don’t need all of those features or added expense.

We focus on building clean, professional, flexible, and effective websites for real estate investors, and entrepreneurs in other industries as well, to help you grow your business, gain brand identity, and live the lifestyle you want to live. We even share our data to prove it.

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Meet The Carrot Team

Trevor – The guy behind the plan

Trevor cut his teeth in real estate in college and through years of trial and error, learned how to generate leads online effectively through inbound online marketing (to the tune of 84,000+ real estate related leads and counting). He leads the Carrot team and focuses on helping members get the result they want. But, away from business… Trevor loves mountain biking, golfing, and spends most of his time with his wife and 3 young kids.

2014profile-6002014profile-600Chris – General Nerdery

Fueled by gallons of coffee, Chris leads the design, development and general nerdyness that makes InvestorCarrot run.

Jake – Tech Support Extraordinaire
VR enthusiast, doge lover, coffee addict. Performing at the sweet spot between simplicity and purpose to answer technical problems with honest solutions. I’m fueled by craft beer, hip-hop and tortilla chips.

Alex – Technical Marketing
Alex loves to be at the crossroad of design, code, and marketing. He enjoys everything about marketing projects, from ideation, to design, to launch, and tracking the results.

Andre-Profile-PicAndre – Customer Success Hero: Support Experience
Andre likes to start her day early, before the birds wake, setting and keeping a strong momentum. An avid reader, runner, and cook. She enjoys learning, laughing, gardening, singing and dancing. She wants to help you be successful and will make sure you have fun along the way.

adrianAdrian – Customer Success Hero: Strategy
I have been active in real estate full time since 2009, it’s been cool to combine my passion for inbound marketing with real estate investing. My kick is helping others find the success that I have had with InvestorCarrot.

brendan_150Brendan – Advertising & SEO Coordinator
Paid advertising and SEO gets me going. My Goals: Have fun and help people reach their goals along the way. Family guy, traveler, runner, and a HUGE baseball fan.

jenJen – Minister for Magic of Random Tasks
Jen is the one behind the scenes keeping Carrot running smoothly! She handles the on site stuff here at Carrot HQ and helps with member account updates. She helps with many different things but if you have a “technical” question she “technically” won’t be much help. She will however get you connected with someone who will be.

shaun-2Shaun – Design Integrator Extraordinaire
“I am here to make sick looking sites and brighten peoples day.” Shaun takes what you give him and makes it look great and still perform like a champ. He loves family, friends and having a good time. Travels the world just to see what is on the other side. Here to help you shine.

petepetePete – Customer Development Pro
Pete has many passions. The biggest among them is connecting with people on an individual level, learning about them and their needs, and supplying them with the information and tools that will ensure their success. He has been involved in real estate for two years and has found a new level of enthusiasm helping others with their journeys. A sports enthusiast, Pete enjoys all things sports; but loves scuba diving and martial arts above it all.

Levi – Customer Success Hero
Levi has a passion for people and his position at Carrot allows him to interact, communicate, and help others on a daily basis. He is not afraid to work hard for others. He enjoys spending time with his wife, family and friends, wood-working, hunting, and golfing. He also enjoys talking about anything sports related on his podcast.

Janel – Customer Success Hero
Janel loves to solve problems, the more complex the better. She gains satisfaction in knowing her small contribution helped to achieve someone’s larger goal. As both an investor and real estate agent, she’s thrilled at the opportunity to work with fellow RE enthusiasts as they pursue freedom and enjoyment of life through investing.

Jason BradyJason BradyJason – Developer
Powered by caffeine and Linux, Jason works on the technology behind Carrot.

Dan MorrisDan – Customer Success Hero
When he is not on a river or playing with his kids, Dan loves helping others learn something new and seeing that “Ah-ha” moment when their goals are met. He is also pretty sure the University of Oregon is not actually accredited.

DanniDanni – Client Services Coordinator
A checklist nerd that likes to get. stuff. done. With a La Croix and bagel in hand, she’s ready to get you where you need to go. When she’s not working with our Carrot clients, Danni enjoys playing cards with her husband, coaching & playing soccer, and making fun of her cat. She also has watched The Office way too many times, so feel free to send her your favorite line one of these days.
AustinAustinAustin – Developer
Austin is a full stack developer focused on pushing the limits of the web as a platform for rich interactive experiences.

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