Exciting Update and Announcements!

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Alrighty REITheme community… some really exciting announcements and improvements coming down the line.

Some of them we’ll be able to fit into this post… some we’ll announce later this month.

What We’ve Been Up To In The World Of Real Estate Investor Websites

A lot has happened here at REItheme this year.

All the way from rolling out this new website that you’re on now (it’s performing GREAT by the way!)… to launching LIVE chat between 10am pst – 5pm pst which our customers have been loving… to rolling out new updates to the look and feel of the websites… and more.

But, we’re just getting started.

In addition to welcoming in dozens of new REItheme members in the last couple weeks alone… including a shout out to Mike with Just Close It Home Buyers in CT… the we buy houses CT specialists… we’re going to be announcing a whole slew of enhancements AND a totally new brand that we think you’ll love :-)

More on the new brand later this month… including why we’re changing from REItheme, what the new brand is, and what it means to new and existing REITheme members (all good stuff I promise :-).

But a few hints I can throw at you for what you can expect in the coming months…

  • Enhanced Lead Pages engine
  • Simpler and more robust members training center
  • Totally redone and simplified user interface (you’re going to love it)
  • We’re cutting some features and options that most people don’t use and enhancing others that will make this system rock and roll
  • Built in email marketing system
  • “Done for you” marketing that we’ve tested and tweaked that you can use to build your cash buyers lists, generate motivated seller leads, and more

Exciting stuff.

Keep An Eye Out

Keep an eye out for updates from us. If you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to email us or hit us up on LIVE chat between 10am pst – 5pm pst… and our new system demo video is live if you’re still looking at REItheme as solution for your real estate investing website needs.

Have a great week!

– REItheme team

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