How Affiliate Marketers Can Use the Storytelling Secrets of Pixar to Make Money

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You know Pixar is the ONLY movie company never to take a loss, right?

All of their movies have been successes at the box office (although Cars 2 was kind of a dud, it still earned big $$$$).

Their secret storytelling formula was leaked and tweeted out, and when we saw it… whoa! It’s pure gold for anyone who is engaged in affiliate marketing – really, content marketing in general. You know why?

Storytelling is the key to successful sales.

No matter how good of a storyteller you are, you can always be better.

We’ve got a powerful video for you here… even tho the audio is pretty lame, the content is great.

In the time it takes to watch an episode of the Office, you could be lining up the strategy that will make you thousands of dollars – and help you win some cool stuff in our affiliate contest.

In this video you’ll learn:

  • The exact formula Pixar has used to write every single movie they’ve made – (none of their movies have ever taken a loss – that’s a first in Hollywood)
  • How to use Pixar’s character development tricks to create sales content that builds trust, credibility, and engages your audience more than ever before
  • Fast, easy ways to get “unstuck” when you’ve got writers block and are struggling to put out that next content piece
  • Why you should never ever try to make “perfect” content… and why you should always begin at the end to get the best results.

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