InvestorCarrot Updates! – New Dashboard, Billing Info Change, and more!

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Things are moving fast over here at InvestorCarrot headquarters.

We’re cleaning things up on the system every day based on member feedback. We’re simplifying the system every week with our effort to make InvestorCarrot the easiest and most powerful inbound online lead generation system for real estate investors. And we’re building out new features every month and releasing them into your accounts.

Most of these updates we’re making quietly behind the scenes… but we’re going to start updating you on the big changes to your account as we make them.


June 2013 Updates

Here’s some of the bigger updates we’ve made already in June.

Check out the video we made for you below… and read the specifics below the video as well (especially the part about the change on your monthly billing statement).

Check Your Credit Card Statement! –

We recently made a change to the way your monthly subscription payments will show up on your credit card statement. In the past you’ve noticed it says “Mach One Media Marketing, LLC” on your statement.  Now that InvestorCarrot is growing up and becoming it’s own company… we’ve updated it to say “ – 888-978-1418” .

So, please be on the lookout for that in your next billing statement. We don’t want you to mistake it for something you don’t recognize (we actually had a couple members this year not recognize the charge on their statement and report us as “fraud” mistakenly… which actually really can damage our merchant credit. So please please make sure to remember this change.

New Dashboard! –


Just Monday we rolled out our newest version of your Carrot Dashboard. Over the next few months this dashboard will become more and more useful and powerful for you.  With this release we’ve cleaned up the dashboard and added a wizard area to help you get up and rolling more quickly with your system.

In the coming months we’ll be adding more tools, website stats, and more! Be on the lookout!

Text Based Logo –

We heard from lots of members that they didn’t have a logo and just wanted to get up and rolling faster!

So, we launched our simple Text Based Logo creator. All new websites set up from this week forward already have the text based logo implemented on their sites. But, if your site was set up prior to this week and you don’t have a logo… or would just rather move to the text based logo… it’s there for you!

Just go to the Help Center and search “logo” for the tutorial on how to do it.

That’s it for this update! Be on the lookout for more updates each month and hit us with feedback on ways we can improve this service to help you be more successful. Thanks!


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