Announcement: Big Pricing Change + New Content Marketing Features Roll Out August 1st (Details inside)

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So, this past year + in developing and growing InvestorCarrot… it’s been a wild ride.

We’ve gone from zero… to almost 1,000 active high achieving real estate investors as members… vastly improved our software and features over the year… beefed up our support (and added our weekly LIVE Coaching Calls with NO extra cost to members)… customers websites just in the past 30 days have generated over 40,000 unique visitors… our system generates a fresh lead every 6 minutes across our network (and growing)… and more.

Traffic Stats: This shows a screenshot we took today of the overall stats across our system… and these numbers are growing at over 10% per month for our members!

And the cool thing is that we’re not even close to being done yet.

This is just the beginning.

InvestorCarrot Is Evolving. Here’s How. (Time Sensitive).

Our focus here at InvestorCarrot has always been to provide the best tools, support, and inspiration to help real estate investors save time, money, and increase results when it comes to generating high quality leads using the internet.

New Inbound Marketing Features – Content Marketing


We focus on Inbound Marketing for real estate investors… helping you attract people to your website and convert them as leads.

And over this past year we’ve fielded lots of suggestions from members on things we can make simpler, more effective, features we can add… it runs the gamut.

And we’re already hard at work making the most important updates our members have suggested… and have even wrapped up Version 1 of our biggest update in months:  Our Content Marketing System. (more on that below).

This will be our first major feature release in a string of releases the rest of this year to help you as an InvestorCarrot member ramp up your online Inbound Marketing machine better… utilizing our expertise and team to help you do so more easily.

Aligning More With The Hungry, Motivated, And Action Oriented Real Estate Investors In Every Community

One great thing about the past year that we’ve really enjoyed has been getting to know so many real estate investors from all around the country.

Our weekly Coaching Calls are EPIC and one of the best decisions we’ve made this year in helping our members see success and building a tighter connection with our members.

On the flip side of that… we’ve learned that our pricing was too low.

Yes, you heard it right.

We’ve had countless high achieving investors who have become InvestorCarrot members, tell everyone about Carrot… and they’ve repeatedly said “why do you charge so little?”.

Some even went as far as wondering if we were legit… because the price was so far below the value we bring to our members.

At first we were puzzled that people would want us to charge more.

But one thing every entrepreneur must learn as they grow their company is…

Who is your ideal customer and how can you best help THEM?

Over the year we’ve discovered that the customer who gets the best results out of Carrot, loves it the most, is the coolest to work with, is the “high achieving” investor.

  • Someone who is fully committed to succeeding now matter what.
  • Someone who understands it takes an investment (time or money, or both) to see results in life
  • Someone who values our time as much as they do their own (it took us years to build the expertise we have, we love working with people who understand that and value that… rather than expecting our full undivided attention to help them grow their business for the low low price of $29/mo.
  • Someone who is action oriented and ready to change the world
  • Someone who resonates with our Core Values as a company and as people

And what we found was that our ideal customer… the one that we can truly help the most… and that aligns with our Core Values in life… tended to be the ones who wanted specific features, specific access to us, and were willing to invest in their company for a great solution.

Because of this, we’ve analyzed our pricing and plans deeply the last 5 months… and we’ve come up with what we feel will let us as a company help our ideal customer out at even an higher level… ensure our customer support resources aren’t spread too thin… grow this company still retaining the lifestyle we want as a company (so we can help you achieve the lifestyle you want in your life)… attract even more high achieving investors from around the country (which has already started to happen)… and do it all while making InvestorCarrot the single best product and resource for real estate investors who want to increase their online marketing results.

Our New Pricing Starting August 1st

First of all… if you’re already an active InvestorCarrot member BEFORE August 1st... you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Your pricing won’t change at all.

Your plan won’t change at all.

You’ll be grandfathered in at the current pricing and in your same plan for as long as you have your InvestorCarrot account.

We appreciate the heck out of you and we’ll continue to help you rock it with your business to the same (even better) level of support… and you’ll still get the full benefits that you’ve always gotten with Carrot (PLUS some!).

You’re a part of our Carrot family… and this change will only help us improve the product and service for you even more over the coming months.

If you’re NOT YET A MEMBER but have been considering it…

… NOWS a great time to decide if InvestorCarrot is right for you.

The new pricing model change in the ways described below:

This is a mockup of our new pricing and plans. It may change slightly from now til August 1st, but this is the gist of it.
  • The Solo and Lite plans will go away August 1st and there will not be any pricing options at $29/mo or $39/mo any longer. So if you want just one or two websites… and you want the $29/mo or $39/mo plans… hop on in before August 1st so you can lock your account in at that pricing.Here’s the page to see the CURRENT pricing and plans and sign up before August 1st >>
  • We’re adding 2 NEW levels of pricing (and discounting one of them 50% for the time being):  These two new levels will be $199/mo (for the Content Pro plan) and $99/mo for the new Pro plan.  Both will contain new features not currently available… and for now, we’ll be discounting the $199/mo Content Pro plan down to just $99/mo.  With this plan you’ll be able to access and publish SEO optimized content that our professional SEO and conversion writers write each month to help you attract more traffic through search engines.
  • We’ll retain a $49/mo plan… it’ll now be called the “Core” Plan: With this new Core plan… it’s the same as the current Solo plan. You’ll get a full featured Carrot account with 1 website… the same great support… then you can add additional websites to your account on an “as needed” basis for only $20/mo per additional website. So after the August 1st pricing and plans update… if you join after August 1st… 1 website with our system will be $49/mo (which is still a crazy great value considering everything our system can do and the support you get here at Carrot).

With all of our plans… there will still be NO SETUP FEES.

You won’t see a $350 setup fee at Carrot. It just isn’t going to happen. :-)

Here’s To Upping Our Game And Helping Our Customers Up Theirs!

We’re really excited about this evolution with InvestorCarrot.

Yes, our prices will be closer to what some of our competitors (with inferior products and service) charge… it’ll honestly weed out some of the “tire kickers” who aren’t serious with themselves about how bad they want to succeed as investors… it’ll enable us to really focus more energy on a smaller customer base so our high achieving customers can get even better results as a member… and enable us to invest even more of our profits into continually developing the InvestorCarrot software into the tool that we have envisioned for the past 12 months.

If you love InvestorCarrot right now… we appreciate the heck out of you :-)

But, just wait and see what InvestorCarrot will be like this time next year.  We think you’ll love it even more.

If you have any questions about our plans… shoot us a comment below.

If you want to join before the August 1st price increase, you can head over to our Pricing and Plans page to sign up for an account… so you can lock in the current low pricing.

Join InvestorCarrot At The Current Low Pricing Today! >>


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