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Alrighty, so… ever wondered how to get great search engine results for your real estate investing website?

First off, it’s not an easy task.  But, we just shot a quick video walking through some google searches for popular terms for real estate investors like “las vegas foreclosure properties”… and how our Carrot members are getting some great search engine rankings for their real estate investor websites out of the box.

If you think it’s impossible to get great search engine results for competitive search terms in Google for your real estate investing business… check out this quick video below.

Now, I, of course, have to put a little disclaimer here.

We, of course, can’t guarantee any specific search engine results with Carrot.  Anyone who guarantees you top search engine rankings for any website is crazy and should be slapped with a slab of bologna.  But, we can say that many of our customers have page 1 (many of them top 3) search engine rankings within 30 days of getting their websites up and doing nothing to their site… but, those who get great results are the ones who follow our easy tutorials that we give you after you join Carrot that help you even better optimize your website to get great search rankings that’ll bring fresh leads into your business each and every week.

How Does Carrot Get Better Search Rankings (SEO)?

It’s both simple yet complex at the same time.

It’s because of our 3 Part Search Engine Lead Process (SELP for short, fancy eh? ;-)

  1. Structure:  Over the past 4 years our company has been able to get extremely difficult search engine rankings in extremely competitive online markets by a really fancy process we like to call… “trial and error”.  Yes, we’ve found out what works and what doesn’t work… on our own sites… so you don’t have to waste your own time.  Our Carrot websites are structured in a way from the ground up… in the code… on the pages… etc, to be clean and exactly what Google is looking for when they build their search results for a particular search.  This is the foundation of what makes everything else work… and it’s the exact foundation on what we build our own websites (both real estate and non-real estate related) on that generate over 60k visitors a month through SEO.
  2. Research:  Now that your site has the solid foundation to build from, we build on that with 4 years of research on what works on your pages to increase your chances of ranking well in the search engines on terms that actually matter.  Anyone and their dog can rank well for the name of their company… if you’re not at least doing that with your current website… you’re doomed. But, it takes a bit more skill to rank well for search terms that motivated sellers and cash buyers are actually typing into Google today.  We’ve generated over 60,000 email leads 100% online in the real estate market… and know how to target the search terms that matter (i.e. – that generate leads) and how to structure the site content in a way so once a visitor lands on your website… the conversion percentage is high.  All Carrot websites come optimized with an initial “Jump Start” search engine optimization for your local real estate market… plus, as we find new ways to convert more visitors to quality leads… we pass those updates down to our member’s sites.
  3. Ongoing Improvement:  As entrepreneurs, we have to improve constantly, otherwise we’ll get left behind. Because our main business is online lead generation and traffic generation… we stay on top of what it takes to get more visitors and more leads… build that new knowledge into our REItheme websites… and pass those changes along to you as a member to benefit from at no additional cost.  So, when you join as a member… you’re not just investing in some fancy dancy website that goes online and never changes.  You’re investing in being a part of our family… and benefiting from our own research and development.  We pass along any new techniques we find or develop along to you, update our system as new technologies come out so you benefit from those without paying more, and more.

So, if you’re a real estate investor and are looking for a website… or are looking to improve the results you get from your website, check out check us out today and join!.

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