111 SEO Keywords for Real Estate Agents [Announcement]

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seo keywords for real estate agentsSince AgentCarrot is here, it’s only right that we release a Keyword Bible for our new Real Estate Agent members!

Many real estate investors have benefited from the keyword bible for investors.

“Carrot rocks. I was able to make one of our sites rank first page with 1 day of SEO work in a non saturated area. A little tougher in Vegas but I’m on it.” – Jerime Pinkerton

But we don’t think investors should get to have all the fun. So we racked our brains and our computers to create an SEO Keyword Bible For Real Estate Agents. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is The SEO Keyword Bible For Real Estate Agents?

Over the past 3 years helping our clients rank in search engines, we’ve learned a lot about which keywords are critical for investors and agents to tackle. A lot of times, getting passive traffic and leads to your website is simply a matter of targeting the right keywords on your website — not just any keywords.

To help you do that, we’ve researched which keywords have the highest volume of traffic surrounding the real estate agent niché. Meaning that if you choose to tackle these keywords, you’re practically guaranteed to start collecting free traffic and leads on your website… without doing anything else.

And to be honest, we may have gone a little overboard with this SEO Keywords for Real Estate Agents Bible.

We show you 111 keyword phrases that you can target on your website under these categories.

SEO Keywords for Buyers 

We’ll show you exactly what home buyers are typing into Google and give you a real strategy for targeting those keywords on your website.

SEO Keywords for Real Estate Agents

Obviously, you want to traffic from anyone who is looking for a real estate agent. Here, we’ll show you the exact phrases those people are using.

SEO Keywords for Real Estate Brokers

Conversely, if you’d rather focus on the broker side of things, we’ll show you which phrases prospects use to find you. If you’re not targeting these, you’re missing out on a ton of free leads.

SEO Keywords for First Time Home Buyers

Why would we talk about first time home buyers? Because if you know what these people are typing into Google, you can potentially catch their attention when they’re interested in buying a house.

SEO Keywords for Buyer Tips

Lots of people search for “tips” in Google. That includes people looking to buy a house. So, in this category, we’ll show you exactly what kind of tips they’re looking for and how you can create content that collects this “tip” traffic.

SEO Keywords for MLS 

The more seasoned house buyer is aware of what MLS means. Because of this, it’s important to target these keywords phrases when someone is looking for house listings.

SEO Keywords for Selling A Home

Don’t worry. We didn’t forget about the house seller — one of the most important clients for most real estate agents. Here, we’ll show you exactly what home sellers type into Google and how you can collect those leads organically.

SEO Keywords for Seller Tips

Lots of people search for “tips” in Google. That includes people looking to sell a house. So, in this category, we’ll show you exactly what kind of tips they’re looking for and how you can create content that collects that “tip” traffic.

SEO Keywords for For Sale By Owner 

Why, you ask, would you want to target the “for sale by owner” keywords. Aren’t those the people who don’t want to work with a real estate agent? Yes, that’s true. But, if you target these keywords and convince these people that working with an agent is far easier and better than selling their house alone, you made a new client.

SEO Keywords for Short Sale and Foreclosures 

As an agent, staking your name on foreclosures by creating a landing page with appropriate foreclosure listings and appropriate keyword phrases to help you rank in Google is a great way to collect leads.

We’ll even give you a rundown of real estate SEO tactics and SEO strategies for real estate to help you implement all of the new information you’ve learned from the resource.

I know what you’re thinking, though.

How much does this cost you?

Absolutely nothing.

All That We Ask In Return Is…

If you dive into the SEO Bible and enjoy what you’re reading, let us know! Post a comment on this blog or comment on our Facebook page with your feedback!

If you think the SEO Keyword Bible can help other agents you know, share it with them!

The more real estate agents we can help with this resource, the better.

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