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There are some pretty amazing ways to grow your career with InvestorCarrot. We’re always on the lookout for talented people, so read on if you are looking to join an amazing team and help build an amazing product!

If you haven’t already, read the Carrot Story, watch our team video on that page, and get to know our company.

Also, check out a little more information about our HQ and what we are striving to build in rural Oregon.

Get familiar with the software we make – watch this series of short videos to make sure that we do work that interests and excites you…. we make cool tools for real estate investors, but this isn’t work for everyone.

Open Positions

Growth Team Member

Position Description: We are looking for a digital marketing enthusiast to join our growing team. If you love customer acquisition strategies, optimizing sales funnels, and getting creative with product launches then introduce yourself and show off your skills. Don’t be shy.

Application: Coming Soon

Front End & PHP Developer

Position Description: Carrot needs a developer familiar with Sage based WordPress themes to create new customer site themes, and to help us develop new WordPress based plugins.

Application: Coming Soon

Content Marketing Expert

Position Description: Carrot is heavily invested in content marketing. We publish multiple pieces of content every week and have worked really hard to streamline our process. If you love writing blog posts and the emails that promote them and drive sales then talk with us today.

Application: Coming Soon

Customer Success Hero

Position Description: All the way from helping customers with tech related support as they use our software, to helping guide customers in the right direction strategy wise at times, to engaging with customers who feel their experience hasn’t been up to par (and turning that around).


Graphic Designer

Position Description: We are looking for an independent contractor to help us make great graphics for this sales site, our customer’s sites, our blog posts and email marketing.

Application: Coming Soon

Real Estate Agent Online Marketing Strategist

Position Description: We are looking for an expert in retail real estate that can help our customers combine online marketing strategy with real estate agent strategy to grow their business.

Application: Coming Soon

For more information or to get in touch about applying for any positions above, please email