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There are some pretty amazing ways to grow your career with InvestorCarrot.

We’re always on the lookout for talented people, so read on!

I’m going to let you know about some of the opportunities that are available for you here… now and in the future.

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Who We Want to Work With…

High-achieving people who think like us:

  • We push hard to achieve our goals.
  • We don’t want to work all the time, but we work hard when we do.
  • We deliver on time, and when things are late we communicate.
  • We love real estate, marketing and technology because they’re great vehicles for independence and financial freedom.
  • We’re pretty mellow, ’cause panic doesn’t do anyone any good.

If you’re not good at staying calm and finding solutions, you’re probably not a good fit.

But if you’re a smart, hard-working person with good communication skills who loves constantly learning and pushing to make things better, there might be some opportunities below that interest you.


If you haven’t already, read the Carrot Story and get to know our company.


Get familiar with the software we make – watch this series of short videos to make sure that we do work that interests and excites you…. we make cool tools for real estate investors, but this isn’t work for everyone.


Opportunity #1

If you’re already a Content Marketing Rockstar (or one in the making), head over to join our Affiliate Program and start earning money right away. Build sites, post articles, sell lots of our products and get fat checks from us. It’s pretty sweet.

Opportunity #2

Are you already building websites for your small business clients?

Want to dramatically improve your rates of conversion, and make it WAY easier to get great SEO results?

Sign up for Carrot and build a site to test it out – you’ll love it. Get in touch … we love helping you make cool promotions that integrate into your existing sales process and make it easier on your team. We’ll let you know what we can do, but make sure you know what our system can do before you pitch us all kinds of crazy ideas. ;)

Opportunity #3

Experienced with content management tools like WordPress?

Familiar with SEO, PPC and content marketing? 

Used to working on a remote team for clients all over the place?

Familiar with the needs of real estate investors?

We’re looking for remote (US based) independent contractors who are interested in becoming Master Users of our systems – folks who can handle customizations, special requests, and more.

Ideal fit are folks who have experience with real estate marketing and are looking to boost their freelance business.

Opportunity #4: Customer Success Hero

In the future we’ll be looking to fill some entry-level tech support positions, and you’re welcome to submit your info below for consideration when those become available.

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