Let's Improve Your Conversion Rate

Conversion testing is one of Carrot’s favorite things to innovate on. Opt in and help your site increase it’s conversion rate and be apart of our testing process.


1% makes a big difference

Over the years we have run hundreds of tests on real estate investor websites looking for ways to make it easy & intuitive for users to opt in and help investors generate leads online.

The math is really simple. If you get 100 visitors to your site and your site converts at 7% then you will have 7 leads for every 100 visitors. Now if you increase the conversion rate by making a small change to your site you get an extra lead with nothing more then a small change.

But brainstorming, implementing, and tracking these micro changes to your website isn’t the best use of your time. Let us handle that.

All you need to do is opt into our Carrot Conversion Test and we will run regular tests on your website which will likely help improve your conversion rate.

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What Does Carrot Get Out Of This?

First off, we love seeing our customers succeed.

Also, we will take this data and write about it on our blog and if something works really well we will roll it out to other users and of course you will know about it first.

Of course there is the other side of conversion testing and that is when a test goes South.

We take precautions and make sure we test on a scale that allows us to quickly determine if a test is hurting conversions and we will pause it on your site. But opting into this special offer means a test could hurt your conversion rate for a very short period of time (a couple days). No risk no reward right.

Interested? Here are a few more details

Here is a small sample of some of the tests we have ran in the past and blog posts we have written about them

When you opt in and let us run conversion tests on your site it is important that you don’t make any big changes to the pages we are testing.
For example, if we are running a test on your home page and testing the form location, if you make a change to the forms or make a big update in content/colors it will be hard to determine if our test was the reason for more or less leads.

Why you should let Carrot run tests on your sites

  • You help the community and more importantly help your site improve
  • You get access to data before others
  • You get a free service that would cost hundreds of dollars elsewhere
  • More leads
  • Free heatmaps
  • An idea of how users are using your site

Seller site heatmap
Simply opt in and we will use your site in our next test.

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