I Have Questions Before I Sign Up

Have questions or want to talk to someone before you sign up? No problem, here’s all the ways you can get in touch!


Open FAQ’s First stop: check out our Frequently Asked Questions to find the answers to our most common questions.

Email Us

Send An Email After that, feel free to shoot us an email at support@oncarrot.com through this form and we’ll get back to you asap.

Live Chat

Open Chat Between 9-5pm Pacific you can connect with us through our live chat at the bottom of this website.


Our sales staff is available during weekdays. Support is best reached via chat and email. Call us at (877) 275-6158.

I’m a Carrot Member and Need Help

If you’re already an InvestorCarrot member that needs some help & questions answered, your first stop is our dedicated Help Site.

Help Tutorials & Videos

Help & Tutorials Look in our help section for a tutorial that answers your question.

Email Us

Send An Email Can’t find your answer in the help section? No prob. Send an Email to us with your question.

Live Chat

Open ChatOr, between 9am-5pm Pacific you can connect with us through our live chat at the bottom of this site.

Weekly Coaching Call (Content Pro)

Coaching Call Sign-UpContent Pro customers, join up on the weekly Coaching Call for weekly training, plus have the opportunity for live Q&A and site diagnosis sessions with the Carrot team.

We do our best to get you answers within a few hours during 8am–5pm Pacific, Monday through Friday.



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