Effective Copywriting Tips For Real Estate From World Renowned Copywriter Ben Settle


“If you know your market well and if you know who you’re talking to and know your customer, then you’ll know exactly what to say to get them to at least hear you out and read what you have to say. Then the only people that you hear back from are the people who are the most interested. So it saves you all of this time.” – Ben Settle

“A copywriter should have an understanding of people, an insight into them, a sympathy toward them.”  – George Gribbin

Effective Copywriting Tips For Real Estate
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The message you deliver in your marketing can make or break how well it works. Your direct mail, website, ads, you name it… copywriting is THE single most valuable skill you can learn to make your marketing more effective.

So Trevor invited on his good friend and world-renowned copywriter Ben Settle (the king of email copywriting) to talk about how you can connect with your audience better in real estate and boost your marketing with better copy.

Enjoy :-)

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In this CarrotCast conversation with Ben Settle we cover; 

  • The most effective types of copywriting.
  • How to intentionally craft copy around emotions and situations.
  • Effective copywriting tips for real estate.
  • How to copywrite for direct mail.
  • Crafting testimonials into stories.
  • Key copywriting resources he uses.

Watch the Video Version

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3:55 – What is copywriting? Salesmanship in print or other media outlets.
5:25 – Backstory of getting into copywriting.
9:15 – Ben’s first copywriting assignment.
10:00 – What types of copywriting crack through and actually work.
12:35 – Importance of really understanding your prospects.
16:15 – Basic needs that make us tick and intentionally crafting copy around insecurities, problems, and frustrations.
26:50 – Some of the best techniques to join a conversion when writing copy. Building a vision before pitching an offer.
31:30 – Examples of Real estate investor copywriting.
40:45 – Copywriting for direct mail. Focus on the top one or two important messaging tactics.
48:45 – How to leverage your case studies and stories.
51:30 – Cutting through the marketing clutter. Stand out from the pack by telling a story.
54:10 – Crafting copywriting using testimonials.
57:40 – Resources available to better learn about your client.
59:55 – Formulas for copywriting and learn a copywriting slacker secret.

Crypto Copywriting Secrets and bensettle.com

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