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I’ve dialed back my direct mail because the leads I get from my website are SO good! I convert them at almost 50%. Now I just need more!!

SRQ Home Buyer

I work with a lot of investors, and I have yet to see a site outperform Carrot. Ease of use and conversion ability – I don’t think you’ll find a better option.

Kiley Newbold Kiley Newbold
Silver Street Marketing

I just closed a deal from you guys, it was all because of your site and the credibility built in and all that. Going to be a really profitable deal, and I’m going to reinvest that going forward. You guys rock and I love the sites and everything you all do!

Quick Cash Sale For You

For $100 why wouldn’t I just test it compared to what I am doing now and my leads more than doubled. I didn’t realize at the time I had a broken website.

Tom Cafarella Tom Cafarella
Ocean City Development LLC

Use Carrot. I was using a competitor company and never got a single lead. Switched to Carrot and get consistent leads… They have educational modules that teach you how to use Google AdWords to drive traffic to your site for a small amount of money. I’m only spending $10 a day on AdWords and I’m getting leads in my market.

Phil Reames Phil Reames
I Buy Houses Kalamazoo

Oh and wanted to let you know I closed a [redacted] wholesale deal on Friday that I got from an SEO lead. The seller said he found me on google and I was the first person he called!!! So I wanted to say thanks to you guys for the great websites & training

Lorain County Homebuyers

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