A Holiday Letter from Trevor @ InvestorCarrot

Dear awesome Carrot family member,

It’s crazy how fast 2013 flew by!  We started Carrot the start of this year with a mission… to help small businesses (starting with real estate investors) to grow their businesses and improve their lifestyle’s through better online marketing.  Not only that, to inspire entrepreneurship and provide the tools, support, and resources to succeed in life and business.

I think we’ve done a pretty darn great job moving this mission forward… but we’ve got BIG things in store for you as an InvestorCarrot member in 2014… and every single day our Carrot members confirm this with awesome comments and praises for our product, our support, and how they’ve finally found a home.

So, first off… Merry Christmas and happy holidays!!! 

We can’t thank you enough for being a part of this mission. We can’t do it without you.

We have a vested interest in seeing you succeed in life and business… because the more you succeed… the longer you stay as a member of InvestorCarrot… the more you’ll help spread the word for what we do (our single LARGEST source of new Carrot members to date is referrals from other members)… the more we can grow our team to help support you in your path to whatever success means to you.

To start off 2014 with a BANG… we have a couple awesome gifts for you :-)

They’ll both be coming your way in the next 3 weeks.  Read about them below…

Free Gifts As Our Thanks!

First off, next week (Dec 31st) I’m doing a private training for Carrot members only to help you clear out the mental clutter that’s holding you back from reaching your goals so you can hit 2014 with momentum.

This training is called…

“Busting Through Your LIMITING Beliefs That Are Currently Holding You Back From Success” . 

It’s a 60 minute training where I’ll walk you through the exact process I use to eliminate the head trash and mental road blocks that get in my own way… and how you can do the same.  It’s a simple 4 step process that takes 45 seconds to eliminate ANY mental roadblock.

This could be the most important training you go through all year.

>> Register here for this call <<

Next, starting the first week in January is a 5 training series EXCLUSIVELY for active Carrot members that we were going to create a $197 training course out of (and still may)… but we’re giving YOU full complimentary access to it as our thanks.

If you’re having a tough time…

  • doing your first deal
  • understanding how a deal works from start to finish
  • getting deals done (or more deals done)
  • finding private money
  • marketing your properties
  • etc…

… this bonus 5 week training will be worth tens of thousands to your bottom line in 2014.

A good friend of mine who I’ve known for 4 years… a down to earth real world investor (not a guru) agreed to hop on 5 training calls w/ me walking through a specific deal he recently did from START to FINISH.


  1. Finding deals… the marketing he uses (he even gives you his postcard)… where he finds his sellers… etc.
  2. Negotiating a great deal… his exact psychology, a simple question you need to ask… and more to lock down high profit deals
  3. Funding your deals… how my friend has built a massively successful “private money getting” machine for his deals. The example we go through in this training he locked up $200k at 5% interest for 5 years. Yes, that kind of funding is out there. We show you how.
  4. Marketing / Selling your deals… he mainly does lease option / rent to own deals… which enables him to do deals that other investors in his market deem “not doable”. He walks you through how to fill your deals w/ profitable tenant buyers fast.
  5. … and a bonus training too!

We’ll email 1 module per week starting the first week in January. 

Be on the lookout… save the emails… apply the training (plus the bonus downloads)… and get ahead of the curve in 2014!

Hope you had a great holidays!

We appreciate the heck out of you and we look forward to growing with you in 2014.


PS – We’ve made some major upgrades to the Carrot system the last 2 weeks. Upgraded our LeadPages engine, one click “styling” pre-sets, site analytics, and more! So keep an eye out for those email updates coming soon too!

trevorTrevor Mauch
Founder of InvestorCarrot