Facebook Leads Masterclass

Learn how to drive leads to your site and build an audience with Facebook marketing

We’re Opening Up And Sharing Everything We Know About Generating Leads Through Facebook…

Did you know one of our Carrot clients are getting qualified cash buyers for under 10 cents per piece with a very specific Facebook ad campaign?

Or one of our Carrot partners is using an advanced and brand new way to market on Facebook to create hyper targeted prospects (buyers and sellers) using simple videos shot with his iPhone?

Or how internally here at Carrot our special “3 part retargeting campaigns” are yielding us a ROI well over 300%?

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Whether you use Facebook or not… the odds that your cash property buyers (and retail buyers) are on Facebook is crazy high.

What about motivated house sellers? Yep, the vast majority of all motivated house sellers are on Facebook virtually every single day.

In fact over 1.3 billion people log into Facebook daily and spend an average of 20 minutes per day on the social media platform.

So how can you tap into your exact ideal prospects using Facebook quickly, easily, and at a low cost (and HIGH ROI)???


Facebook’s platform is extremely powerful but if you don’t know what you are doing going into it you will end up spending a lot of time and money figuring it out.

So we’re diving in to figuratively “pull back the curtain” on our own Facebook marketing practices and those of some of our top clients. 

We’re calling this the Facebook Leads MasterClass and it’s ready for you to buy & implement.

Facebook Leads MasterClass Overview

The course is outlined in 6 modules. We start with the basics and dive into very advanced Facebook marketing strategies 9 out of 10 investors and agents aren’t using in their own businesses.

Here’s the brief outline…

Module 1. Intro To Facebook Marketing (w/ Trevor Mauch)

  • The basics of Facebook for business
  • Begin with “credibility” and the end in mind
  • Using your “page” and what role “groups” play
  • Laying out a basic 3 prong “Facebook Strategy”
  • The tools we use to streamline our time
  • What your overall “funnel” structure should be
  • … and more

Module 2. Creating An Optimized Facebook Page (w/ Trevor Mauch + Alex Zerbach)

  • Business page vs. Personal?
  • Setting up a Facebook page the right way (even if you already have one up)
  • What makes an awesome (and credible) page?
  • Top 5 SEO tips for your Facebook page
  • Optimize your page images for “action” vs. just “looks”
  • Critical elememts to increase credibility for your company
  • Connecting with your website
  • … and more

Module 3. Building A Crazy Active Cash Buyer List And Selling Your Properties Faster (w/ special guest Daniel DiGiacomo + Trevor)

  • How Daniel D. is getting active cash buyer leads for under 10 cents a piece using a specific type of Facebook ad
  • How to “build credibility” before you pitch anything
  • The “success formula” he follows on content vs. pitches
  • How to leverage your blog to generate Facebook leads
  • The importance of quick “engagement” (and how to streamline it)
  • How to boost your page “likes” (and why it’s critical)
  • Daniels exact ads and targeting strategies
  • … and more!

Module 4. Retargeting – Our Highest ROI Marketing… Fetching Back Your Lost Website Visitors

  • How we spend $1 and get back $3 with retargeting
  • How to setup a retargeting campaign from start to finish
  • Our proprietary “3 Prong Retargeting Campaign” that is crushing it (complete with sample ads)
  • The “low maintenance” way to get in front of your best prospects
  • Ads for buyers, ads for sellers, and more
  • Why retargeting can help you ramp up the ROI of your OFFLINE marketing in a BIG WAY (critical for high end investors doing offline marketing)

Module 5. How To Use FREE Tools Within Facebook To Build Credibility + Generate Leads With Content

  • Using simple blog posts to generate leads by “Amplifying” your content
  • The 50/50 approach to content (and why this works so well)
  • “swipe and deploy” posting ideas to engage your buyers and sellers
  • Videos > Pictures… why? And how to do video on a low budget w/ no time
  • … and more

Module 6. ADVANCED: What’s On The Cutting Edge Now? FB LIVE + Advanced Targeting = Amazing Opportunities To Sell Houses Faster + Generate Motivated Seller Interest

  • The cutting edge (so cutting edge we’re still testing it and testing it) Facebook ads strategy to have Facebook help you find the hottest prospects for mere pennies
  • How to use Facebook LIVE to sell more homes and build more credibility with your buyers and sellers
  • The “Expand Then Narrow” strategy with Facebook video ads to get cold prospects to pay attention to your house buying / selling ads
  • Why Gary Vaynerchuk said THIS is the “next wave” that if agents and investors aren’t doing this in 18 months they’ll be dead in the water
  • … and more.

Purchase the full 6 week coaching program + full online access to the entire course including all recordings for just one payment of $197.

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Q: Is this for beginners or advanced marketers?

A: We will cover the beginner strategies in briefly at the start then dive into advanced strategies in each call as well. So no matter your skill level or if you’ve ever used Facebook to generate leads before, this course will help you where you are… and is advanced enough even the savviest marketers will walk away with strategies they’re likely not using today

Q: Who are the teachers? 

A: The Carrot team will be teaching what we know in about half of the modules, then for 2 of the modules we’re bringing in our Carrot clients to teach what is working well for them. And each session will have LIVE Q&A.

Q: What is the refund policy? 

A: The same as all of our training… our 30 Guarantee period applies to the Facebook Leads MasterClass as well. If you feel the training isn’t a fit for you for any reason within 30 days after your purchase, just let us know via email or live chat BEFORE the 30 days is up and we’ll refund your money no questions asked.

Q: How is this training structured?

A: It’s broken down into 6 modules that will help you succeed at generating leads through Facebook. We start with the basics and getting your Facebook page setup and/or optimized… then we go into getting your first buyer leads w/ both ads and free methods… then retargeting is next (to increase your ROI on your new traffic)… then how to engage people on Facebook using free / easy content… last we’ll finish it up with advanced Facebook ads strategies including using Video ads… building custom audiences, etc. So it’s starts at the foundation and builds up to advanced strategies.

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