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$588 Save $118!

For real estate investors looking for an online presence and ready to implement marketing strategies

1 Website

Choose between motivated seller, cash buyer, rent to own, note buyer, main company website designs.

Stellar Support

Complete website content, lead generation tools, and built in integrations. Plus 2 tracking campaigns.



$1,188 Save $238!

For the real estate investor who has a strategy and is looking to attract cash buyers and motivated sellers.

Up To 3 Websites

Choose between motivated seller, cash buyer, rent to own, note buyer, main company website designs.

All Core features plus access to

Our LIVE Coaching Calls. Coaching Calls have leading edge strategies for real estate investors. Plus access to 15 tracking campaigns.

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Content Pro

$199 $99/mo

$1,188 Save $238!

For the real estate investor who wants our full package. Get access to all of our content articles, tools, and resources.
Our best value by far.

Up To 3 Websites

Choose between motivated seller, cash buyer, rent to own, note buyer, main company website designs.

Coaching Calls &
Content Marketing Automation

Access industry leading Coaching Calls, plus fresh SEO optimized content localized for your area each month to broaden your reach in local search results. Plus access to 15 tracking campaigns.

Want to be more hands off?

Carrot can offer a lot more than just a website. Our marketplace has services like having us set up your website for you, ongoing marketing implementation (SEO & PPC) and 100% custom written content. View our marketplace to see these and more add-on services

I wish I would have done it a long time ago. My conversion as compared to before is unbelievable.

Steve Londeau Steve Londeau
Steve Buys Houses Fast

I was laid off from my job and June and decided to go full-time into wholesaling and purchase InvestorCarrot even though my wholesaling business was in debt. I just closed two deals in the last two weeks and am closing on one this week.

Tim Oppelt Tim Oppelt
GoldenOpp Real Estate Solutions

I started leveraging InvestorCarrot websites and not only was I able to claim the number one ranking but I get leads consistently. Carrot has become one of the biggest assets of my business.

Mike Borger Mike Borger
Oahu Home Buyers

Still Have Questions Before Signing Up?
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What happens after I join?

First you’ll enter a few simple things about your business so we can personalize your experience. Then launch and personalize your websites. Next pick your traffic plan and you’re off!

What if I need to add an additional website?

No problem at all. You can include an additional website to your account for $20/mo. Want 2 extra sites? It would be $40/mo. Call us if you want to purchase 10 or more additional websites and we can discuss special pricing.

Is there a set-up fee?

Nope. Unlike other website service, there are no setup fees to get started. Just pick a plan and launch a site.

Can I move my current website to InvestorCarrot?

You can move your domain over to InvestorCarrot. Your site, will not come over but if there are certain things (like logo, testimonials, content, etc) you can upload them in your Carrot account.

Why would I need 3 websites?

Great question. Most investors will use one to target cash buyers and another site to target motivated sellers. That way the content and messaging on your site is targeted and gives value.

Does Carrot do the SEO for me?

When we set up your site we’ll ask you some questions that will help us do an initial search engine optimization jumpstart for your site. Often times this jumpstart helps our customers sites get ranked for popular searches in their local area within 2 weeks… but if you really want to get great results you should continue your SEO processes even after your site is set up.

What if I want to change the content?

We recommend you tweak the content to fit your business’s needs. If you want to edit something, feel free. We have plenty of tutorials showing you how to customize your website.

What happens if I want to cancel?

We would be bummed to see you go. But simply go into your account and request a cancellation…that’s it. If you are within 30 days we will honor our 30 day money back guarantee

Does Carrot provide phone support?

To keep our costs low (and pass the savings on to you) we have phone support on as needed basis. We try our best to respond to all emails within 24 hours. If you have something to discuss that cannot be done via email, just shoot us an email and request a phone call. We would be happy to set up a time to chat.

What makes InvestorCarrot better than other website builders?

Wow, this could get long. InvestorCarrot isn’t out to win design awards. We focus on data driven websites…which means we are constantly testing our websites to make sure they perform. For more information check out our Carrot Methodology. Or read this blog post where we break down the differences in more detail.

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