Real Estate Marketing Plan: Sample “Simple” Strategic Template for Real Estate Investors

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Looking for an example of a template or sample real estate marketing plan, totally free?

We’ve got you covered.

real estate marketing plan sample template example strategy
Looking for a sample real estate marketing plan to create your strategy? We can help.

If you’re already a Carrot Member, you can download the sample 4 page document here (just make sure you’re logged in) – and tomorrow I’ll be going through this planning in detail on our Live Mastermind Call, so make sure you sign up now in case it fills up.

If you’re not a current member, keep reading and I’ll tell you how to get this valuable planning tool totally free. 

First things first: a warning. Since this plan is for Carrot members, it assumes that you’ve got a website that has been proven to convert leads. If you’re trying to scrape together a bunch of tips to save a few bucks on building your website, you’re doing it wrong. It’s gonna cost you a lot more than the price of the monthly membership to build what we’ve built (we know, ’cause we built it)…. so just go sign up now and save yourself a ton of hassle.

There’s a few things you should do first to get that website up and running, and these only take a few minutes:

  1. Get your testimonials up on the site, because social proof and credibility is key to conversions.
  2. Get your bio up for the same reasons.
  3. Make sure the copy on the site reflects your business and is in line with local laws (for example, if you or your team have a real estate license, you’ll need to change the copy to make sure you’re properly disclosing your license… but you should make that into a benefit, since a license gives you more options for sellers than someone operating without one).

Ok, so that last one might be complicated, if you’re totally new to the business… but you need to be making sure you’re aware of the laws around you, since being ignorant isn’t an excuse if you’re trying to get out of a five-figure fine for operating without a license (in some states)…. which reminds me that I need to mention we’re not attorneys or financial advisors, all of this stuff is just general advice and you need to get specific, professional advice on your real estate investment business… it’s a really good idea to have a competent lawyer make sure you’re not offering something illegal without knowing it.

Sample “Simple” Real Estate Marketing Plan

At its most basic level, a good marketing plan is answering a series of questions that helps you define your ideal targets, craft your business’s most compelling offers into a cohesive story, and uses good distribution channels to reach your ideal targets.

Here’s the questions you need to ask when making a good real estate marketing plan:

  • What are your goals?
  • What impact do you want to have on your communities?
  • Is your market saturated with similar offers, or is it ripe with opportunity?
  • How tough is your competition?
  • Who is your ideal target?
  • What are your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats?
  • What are your compelling offers?
  • How will you reach your target audience?
  • What keywords are the best opportunities in your market?

There’s a couple of ways that you can use these questions… just cut and paste them into a document and start answering them, if you’re ready. If you want a little more guidance, you’ll need to download the sample template.

If you want more help answering the questions, there’s a couple of ways we can do that:

If you’re already a Carrot Member, you can download the sample 4 page document here (just make sure you’re logged in) – and tomorrow I’ll be going through this planning in detail on our Live Mastermind Call, so make sure you sign up now in case it fills up.

We try to post the recorded calls later in the same day, so if you happen to be reading this after the call took place, you can check out our past Mastermind Calls here (if you’re a Carrot Member and logged in).

If you’re not a current member, here’s how to get this valuable planning tool totally free… just sign up to take a demo of the Carrot System, then send an email to and we’ll email it to you within about 48 hours.

Want our help in making your strategic plan?

Check out what’s included in our strategic planning service:

Currently there is a waiting list for our strategic planning services, but we’d love the chance to help you design an awesome plan for great long-term results.

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