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Advantages of Using Social Media for Real Estate: Facebook Ads for REI Sellers Edition

Many people don’t see any true advantages of using social media for real estate investing. Well, I’ve got other news for ya…

Every real estate investor should have a Facebook page whether they have another website or not. Facebook offers a major platform for real estate investors to showcase their real estate and build an audience. Why is it important to build an audience in REI? Because you never know who is looking to buy real estate.

Facebook Ads:

With your Facebook page, as a real estate investor, the number of likes is not important at all. What is important is the quality of the likes. Don’t run ad campaigns just to get 5,000 likes. Run the campaigns and promos to get only people who may possibly help you out in business. Get potential buyers and/or sellers to like the page rather then people who just like the ad you ran. You can accomplish this by the picture you use and wordage in your Facebook ad.

Though these 2 ads will get a lot of likes, in real estate we don’t want likes, we want customers.

To get 5,000 likes, you may advertise a giveaway with a picture of a good looking person, close up on their face, and text promoting the item you’re giving away that is slightly encouraging the reader to like the page. Doing this, if done right, can usually get a lot of people to like your page in hopes of winning the cool giveaway. You’ll pay about $0.35 per click and would be lucky to have one person like your page because of the ad that will actually help your business financially. What you will get though are a lot of people clicking your ad, making you pay Facebook  about $0.35 every time they click the ad simply because they want to win something. Then they will most likely never go back to your page unless they go back to unlike the page. In the end, a huge waste of your marketing money.

The way it should be done if you want to attract buyers example: 

Ad Title: As a real estate investor wanting to attract buyers to your Facebook page, think about what would catch the eye of your local community. As you know, when somebody is looking to buy real estate, they want real, personable people to deal with. That should be well expressed in your short ad. Titles such as “Looking for a Home?”, “Real Estate Investors”, or “Buy a Home Now” are attention grabbers to those that are actually looking to buy at the time.

Ad Picture: I’ve found that using pictures that look amateur are actually more effective then using professional well edited pictures. My psychological explanation for that is that people feel less like it’s an ad and more like it’s a peek into something an individual did when it looks unprofessional. Now remember, people aren’t on Facebook to buy houses, they’re on Facebook to see what Nancy’s relationship status is and say “sup” to Billy. So the key in your picture is to catch their attention to make them read your title. The picture is the most important part of a Facebook ad.

Here’s a little trick to use on your ad picture. Edit your picture with a very small, bright colored outline like you see on the right. I suggest using a lime green, orange, or something bright other then red. You will find everywhere else that you should use a red outline to catch attention, but people are catching onto the red outline and starting to not even notice it anymore. What this does is just that, it catches your attention. The human mind is conditioned to subconsciously noticed circled and outline things because your mind associates that outline with something that must be important. Think of it this way; when you shop in a magazine, how do you remember which items are your favorites? You circle them.

Ad text: Your Facebook ad text should be brief and to the point. If the real estate that you’re selling has something unique, let them know. Make sure to mention the city or neighborhood, and give a quick call to action. Something along the lines of “3 br 2 bath, SCOTTSDALE home for sale, see it here TODAY.”

Choose your audience:

First off, pick the exact city and state, and surrounding area where the real estate is located for the location. Next, the age range should be chosen in coordination of the price of the home, and the neighborhood. Decide who your target is to sell the real estate to. If its a cheap college home, range it from 18-25. If it’s a nice family home, range it from 30-45. If it’s a nice 1 or 2 bedroom home, range it from 45-no max etc. What this will do is better direct your ad to the right audience and get the cost per click lower for you.

For the interests section, you have to have the same mindset as the age. If there is a local college in the area and your selling a college home, then make sure to include that college as an interest and all of its athletic teams. Also add the movie theaters, and hang out spots of college kids. Same goes for families, bachelors, and retirees. Think of what places near your real estate that your age group would go to and make sure to include them all. This puts your ads infront of the people who liked those other Facebook pages of the schools, theaters etc.

Next, pick “anyone” for the connections and then go down to Objective and pick “click on my ad or sponsored story.” This way you only have to pay whenever somebody clicks on your ad. This also means you only have to pay for people who are interested in buying that home, aka, people you may make money from. Try your best to get your ad price per click somewhere between $.25 and $.45. Facebook only allows price per click of what it believes best benefits them. $.30 is usually where I try to get it and is a great price to pay.

If your ad is not approved, bump the price up a few cents until it’s approved. If you check out your analytics and see it’s not getting many views or clicks, you may have to raise your price per click up to the suggested price per click. The closer you are to Facebooks suggested ppc, the more views they will give you. If you’re willing to pay over their suggestion, even more views they will get you. So it depends how bad you want to get your real estate in front of eyes.

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