Doses Of Awesomeness From Our Members

Every year we get hundreds of great “doses of awesomeness” from our clients.
Here are just a few… take a look, and we hope they inspire you as well!

Featured Case Study: Brian Rockwell

Check out this case study from a Carrot member who went from being a teacher to quitting his job and going full time into real estate. The best part? He is in a super competitive market. Learn how Brian cut through the clutter and has created a successful real estate business.

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Michael B
Oahu Home Buyers

Josh & Adam
Quick Home Offers

I was laid off from my job and June and decided to go full-time into wholesaling and purchase InvestorCarrot even though my wholesaling business was in debt. I just closed two deals in the last two weeks and am closing on one this week.

Tim Oppelt Tim Oppelt
GoldenOpp Real Estate Solutions

I started leveraging InvestorCarrot websites and not only was I able to claim the number one ranking but I get leads consistently. Carrot has become one of the biggest assets of my business.

Mike Borger Mike Borger
Oahu Home Buyers

I have still been getting a deal about every 6 weeks which is nice because my sites are on autopilot with very little maintenance now.

Connor Steinbrook Connor Steinbrook
Connor Buys Houses

My conversion as compared to before is unbelievable. I wish I would have done it a long time ago.

Steve Londeau Steve Londeau
Steve Buys Houses Fast

Besides ranking high in local SEO, I am doing a bunch of PPC advertising. 100% of my leads are from sellers looking to sell their house or avoid foreclosure. I’ve done several deals from the leads. Thanks again, loving it!

Ryan Berry Ryan Berry
Global Real Estate Solutions

You have a great staff and your platform by comparison is really on the leading edge of what investors need to do.

Peter Westbrook Peter Westbrook
We Buy Houses Stockton

Josh Justiniano Case Study

Josh and Adam, two brothers from California were able to quit their jobs and close 18 deals last year. The best part? It was their first year of wholesaling real estate. So how did they do it? We interviewed Josh to get some insight into how InvestorCarrot websites and trainings helped them have an awesome year.

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I’ve generated 219 buyer leads since Jan 1. That’s 7 leads per day. We’ve spent a total of $76 on Facebook ads and about $129 on some text message marketing to landlords. That’s it. Everything else is content marketing and SEO… which I do myself.

Daniel DiGiacomo Daniel DiGiacomo
Boston Wholesale Property

Got an SEO web lead in a hot part of town that needed a major rehab. Called 4 rehab buyers and 3 hours later got 2 full cash offers.

Mason Nettles Mason Nettles
Nettles Holdings Inc.

Closed 10 deals this year from InvestorCarrot and the margins are always higher from internet leads.

Josh Justiniano Josh Justiniano
Quick Home Offers

Chris C Case StudyChris Campbell Case Study

Chris has a great story and he walks through how he started, how he got burnt, how he landed on his feet and went full-time, and what he does to generate his leads and deals right now in 2015 leveraging the web.

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Oh and wanted to let you know I closed a $5,000 wholesale deal on Friday that I got from an SEO lead. The seller said he found me on google and I was the first person he called!!! So I wanted to say thanks to you guys for the great websites & training

Joe Nemeth Joe Nemeth
Lorain County Homebuyers

Trevor and his team are incredible! Always go above and beyond to see their clients excel. When we started using them, the results spoke for themselves

Dan Tobak Dan Tobak
Investor Grit

You rock dude! Great… Just to let you guys know. I inked a $8000 deal from my sites, right before you deactivated my account. Just closed Thursday. If it were not for your patience there would have been no deal. Thanks!!!!!

Jeff Tucker Jeff Tucker
4k Properties

Probably the most valuable part of the website is the support and online tutorials that are provided. They not only provide info about how to set up your site, but also teach you how to better your search engine rankings. You will have to put in time to make your website work well, but they provide great resources.

Michael Rogers Michael Rogers

I use four Carrot sites. The platform works for me. I have generated over 1000 leads. (buyer,seller,rto). Their support is awesome and they know what they are doing. 99% of my questions are answered within minutes so I can keep moving.
Out of the box, it works. I have chosen to follow some of Carrot’s suggestions and do some SEO myself…they have live people that answer a question in real time.

Mason Nettles Mason Nettles
Mason Buys Houses

As an owner of an SEO company with many clients in the REI industry, I can say that InvestorCarrot is by far the best website solution that I’ve seen to date.

It’s easy to work with for people who want to get up and running out of the gate and it’s flexible enough for experienced site builders and “SEO’ers” to really be able to get additional power out of it.

Definitely worth the money (in my opinion); I have no connection with IC, in fact, we are “friendly competitors” in some area… but, the facts are the facts!!!

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