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InvestorCarrot members generate leads from multiple sources

In order to close deals, make your business grow, and achieve the financial freedom you are seeking, your website must do one thing really well, generate leads.

It can be difficult at times. Some investors will say it is easy, and for them maybe it is. But finding quality traffic is the first step towards nurturing leads and turning them into deals.

InvestorCarrot members generate roughly 35,167 leads each month. That number is only the leads we can track. If we estimated phone calls in there the numbers get really exciting.

Here at InvestorCarrot we are big on data, and big on sharing. We will show you exactly where our customers leads came from each month. Really? Yes really. In fact, you can go here every month and see the Harvest Report.

Our platform is built from the ground up to help you attract motivated house sellers, buyers, note buyers, and tenants more easily. Plus our focus on being there for you with industry best training and support helps add rocket fuel to your results that our members routinely say is worth many times their membership price alone.

July-Leads-By-SourceWant to see where last month’s leads came from?

The data tells us that the 3 biggest sources for real estate investors to generate leads are SEO/PPC, Facebook Ads, and Direct hits like Craigslist, and networking. Each of these lead sources can be tuned and strategically implemented on your InvestorCarrot website. If you are a marketing expert, awesome. Having this data should really help with your marketing strategy.

But if marketing isn’t your strongest skill set, that is fine, we have compiled and created some of the best real estate investing trainings on the internet. Once you become a customer you can head over to our marketplace to pick up a course on how to generate 3 leads per day, start a SEO or PPC campaign, and our awesome and highly recommended Craigslist training (which includes free ads you can use).
Landing Page & Real Estate Leads

I launched and have generated over 1500 leads in the last 9 months or less. So far in 2015 I’ve closed more than half the number of deals I closed in all of 2014 and far surpassed my 2014 income… It’s going to be a HUGE year for me thanks to Carrot.


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