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Every real estate investor should have a content marketing strategy

SEO is really all about content marketing. You want to rank well in Google for keywords like investment properties, and sell your house fast.

But in order to rank well for keywords you must have content on your page that is relevant, valuable, and easy to consume for a user of your site. Having a content marketing strategy means putting thought into what a user would want to read when finding your website. Then using the best tools, resources, and tactics to bring those to the top page of search engines.

InvestorCarrot Makes Content Marketing Easy

You can schedule content for your InvestorCarrot website. We have content packs that are updated monthly and can be customized to your market and business. With a few clicks you can have a whole month of content schedule to automatically post on your blog.

InvestorCarrot can help with your content marketing strategy with tools & trainings

  • Content Pro members have access to prewritten blog posts
  • Leverage the power of InvestorCarrot’s built in blog
  • Use Carrot’s SEO tool to ensure each page is optimized for a targeted keyword.
  • Weekly Mastermind Calls (Content Pro members) where we help with strategy, SEO, and diagnosis websites to improve their effectiveness
  • Implement our Loopnet strategy to make city specific landing pages. We even have a quick way to insert city/state info into your content.
  • Quickly design and launch a landing page with specialized content for SEO and PPC campaigns.

It’s great having the content pro articles so I have a framework to go from, then we’ll tweak them up a bit and it’s been very helpful. You don’t have to edit every post but it can be a powerful booster, and saves time and money from writing your own.

Daniel G. Daniel G.
From Baltimore MD

Before Content pro… I spent time searching for writers for my blog because I know the value it brings.. the problem was I couldn’t find good writers. Content Pro saves me a ton of time and best of all it’s 100% real estate investor specific.

Adrian N. Adrian N.
From North Carolina

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