SEO Basics for Real Estate: Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

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seo for real estate: basics

In this post, we’re going to dive into just the basics of search engine optimization for real estate. If you’re newer to online marketing, if you’re newer to getting web pages ranked well in Google, this is going to be a quick, kind of how it works training session.

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We’re going to dive into the SEO basics for real estate. What it is, why it matters as a real estate investor, as a real estate agent, as a real estate professional.

Whether you’re doing apartments, whether you’re looking for motivated sellers, cash buyers, private lenders, note sellers, the whole thing, why does search engine optimization matter?

SEO Basics for Real Estate: What is SEO?

First of all, what is SEO (search engine optimization)? To break it down in simple terms, by giving Google and other search engines what they want, Google will reward you with higher rankings. Google gives you the tools to find out exactly what you need to do to get the traffic that’ll turn into customers for you.

What we’re talking about with search engine optimization, it’s not what’s often called black hat strategies. What a black hat strategy versus a white hat strategy is, black hat is gaming the system. It’s trying to go against what Google wants and trying to game the system. White hat means you’re following what Google wants, you’re giving Google what they want, and Google rewards you with higher rankings.

White Hat SEO Strategy – Maintaining Your Integrity.

That’s the way that we work. That’s the way we’re going to train you, is on white hat strategies. Only things that Google likes, that helps you get your website ranked higher, and helps you get more leads.

As an example, if you go to Google and type up phrases like “Sell my house fast Pittsburgh,” or “Sell my house fast Baltimore,” or “Sell my house fast Birmingham,” or “We buy houses Bakersfield,” or hundreds of other phrases. On the cash buyer side of things, “Investment properties in Baltimore, Baltimore wholesale properties.” All kinds of different phrases like that you’ll see InvestorCarrot members popping up very high on the search rankings, leveraging their training, leveraging our search engine optimization tools, and they’re getting more leads.

For SEO, search engine optimization, we’re focusing on the section in the Google search results and the Bing search results and the Yahoo search results. But mainly Google. We’re focusing on the area that’s in the orange box. Up above the orange box, you can see the parts where it says, “Ad.” Those are ads that people paid to be there.

seo ranking factors for real estate page one rankings

The part in the orange box is called the organic search listings. That’s where, with search engine optimization, with tweaking some things and following Carrot training, you’re going to be able to get there in your market when you follow our training and our system.

Inbound Marketing for Real Estate – Draw Clients to You.

One of the reasons that we really love search engine optimization is inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is essentially when people go online, people go to Google, they type up questions or they type up problems. They’re typing up something that they want to be solved and then they land on your website.

They land on a website that is ranked high in Google in the search engine optimization side of things. There was a study done by HubSpot who found that 28% of searches for something nearby (local SEO) resulted in a purchase. Also, 78% of local-mobile searches result in offline purchases. So, local SEO is very important.

Direct traffic is basically people who already knew about your website. They already knew your website name. Maybe they got it through your business card, maybe they got it off of a billboard, or something like that. Direct traffic also performs very well because they’re already familiar with you. They already know about you. Then on down the line you’ve got paid search, Google AdWords, which we have other modules here on the 3 Lead Per Day training, they go through PPC, and it’s all still insanely effective.

Social media, then outbound marketing. The reason we love search engine optimization so much is that of this higher lead to customer close ratio, you have a higher quality lead. You tend to close more leads per the leads that you’re getting than versus outbound marketing or things like that.

Why SEO Matters as a Real Estate Investor or Agent

If you’re closing one out of every 40 leads into a deal, or into a listing, from your radio ads, with SEO you might close one out of every 10, one out of every 15. You don’t have to get as many leads to close the same amount of deals, which is why we love SEO. Every day people are raising their hands for help by going to Google and other search engines and they’re searching for solutions to their problems.

What search engine optimization and inbound online marketing do, is the equivalent of a seller or a buyer or a private lender or a note seller going and knocking on your door and they’re asking you for help. Rather than the other way around, rather than you going to their door and knocking on it and saying, “Hey, do you need to sell your house,” or, “Hey, are you looking for properties?”, interrupting their thought process.

Inbound marketing joins them in their thought process. They’re coming to you. They’re reaching out and asking you for help and it really puts you in a position of power. Inbound marketing, specifically with search engine optimization, is the most remarkable form of marketing ever created because the people are coming to you, and it really puts the prospect in a whole different mindset when they are the ones who reached out to you rather than the other way around.

Carrot Case Study – Does SEO Really Work for Real Estate?

A common question is “Does SEO work, can it actually close deals, what’s the ROI of search engine optimization?” We have a ton of case studies like this but I’m just going to point out this one. Jack Morris. You’ve heard people say you can’t generate consistent deals with SEO?

Watch Jack’s Full Case Study Here. Find Out How He Closes 3-5 SEO Deals Per Month.

Tell that to Jack of Jack Buys Houses in Orlando, FL… he closes 3-5 deals a month in Florida almost exclusively through his search engine optimization efforts. He made a mental commitment to make SEO work in his market.

“My biggest surprise is that I didn’t think that I could build my business and do the deals we’ve done just through Carrot and not do anything else. But that’s been the biggest surprise. The amount of results our sites get. Our selling site gets hundreds of visitors a month and we sell a lot properties.” Jack Morris

SEO, in the right markets, when there’s enough search volume can really turn into great profits. Whether you’re looking for buyers, sellers, lenders, the whole thing.

“The decision to use InvestorCarrot is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, to be honest with you.. and I’m not just saying this because you’re a good guy. It’s the truth. It’s the best thing that I’ve done. you have to use Carrot. There’s nothing else like it.”Jack Morris

As of right now, InvestorCarrot members are pulling in a little over 37,000 leads per month. That doesn’t include phone call leads, people who are landing on your websites and calling on their phones. The system’s really effective and it’s really exciting seeing you jumping into SEO and learning what you can do to increase your own rankings in any city that you’re in.

In Baltimore, DC, Birmingham, Bakersfield, Houston, Oahu, Salt Lake, even smaller cities. In smaller cities it’s easier to rank well with SEO. But bigger cities we have customers all across the country ranking very well, very high for SEO, with their InvestorCarrot websites, using our SEO training.

If you find another member in your market who is already ranking on page one, don’t panic. We have markets where there are four or five InvestorCarrot members on page one, all getting better results than they would be getting without InvestorCarrot, and they’re sitting there battling it out, but they would never have even gotten those results without SEO training and our system. This works in any market, no matter how large or small.

sell my house in houston search results
Carrot members ranking 1, 2, 3, and 6 for Sell My House in Houston

Like we mentioned, Carrot members currently hold more page one rankings and top five rankings on search phrases that matter than any other website platform for real estate. That’s an empowering thing for you reading the post or watching the SEO training video because it shows you that you have a powerful tool at your fingertips and we’re here to help you get there and get the same results as other people in those markets if you implement the system and work it. Let’s get you there, too.

We’ll break it down and make it really simple and achievable in the rest of the SEO training series (over the coming weeks) here, whether you’re someone who’s really diving into SEO for the first time, or even whether you’re advanced. We’re going to give you the strategies that are making it work really well for us also. We’re going to give you very specific action steps, so you don’t need to be an SEO expert or a techie to get great results with search engine optimization. You just need to follow the steps, stick with the plan, and leverage our process and reach out to us when you need help.

SEO Basics for Real Estate

What’s coming next in the rest of this SEO training, is we’re going to dive into the different factors that Google looks for to help your website rank higher. All the way from starting the foundation of the website to the advanced stuff and we’re going to keep it as simple as we possibly can for those of you who are newer and so you can follow along and implement the most important things. And for those of you who are advanced, we’re going to give you some advanced things to implement.

No matter what your skill set, you can make this happen. You can make it work in your market and get the same results.

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